2015 Energy Saving HVAC Tips for Phoenix residents

2015 Energy Saving HVAC Tips for Phoenix residents

As we go into the New Year, many people have already made (and probably broken!) resolutions to make life more enjoyable, healthier, richer, etc. While some of these resolutions may have fallen by the wayside, there are some easy and important steps you can take to help ensure your family is healthier and wealthier in the New Year – and they all start with your HVAC system.

Schedule an inspection.   Now is the perfect time to schedule an inspection of your HVAC system. Our area tends to see energy costs spike in the summer time. That is also the prime time for HVAC breakdowns, and as we all know, when everyone is having the same emergency, it can be difficult to get your AC repair done in a timely fashion. Many repair scenarios are actually the result of neglected maintenance over the years. So, since we are in “down time” in terms of weather issues, why not schedule a much needed inspection and stop those problems before they become a true emergency? An inspection now can save lots of money in the future.

Take care of any known issues with your air conditioning. Once you know that you need AC repair, for example, take care of it now. During peak usage, there is more pressure on the entire system, including the air ducts in your home. If you have a weakened line, for instance, it is more likely to be compromised when you’re running the air conditioning all the time. Minor maintenance problems can escalate into costly fixes if the system is stressed.

If you are moving into a new home or installing new HVAC items, make sure it is professionally done. Poor home installation may mean that your units aren’t sealed properly. Not only does this mean an immediate loss of energy (therefore wasting money), but it can create a host of other issues, such as pests gaining access to your house. Proper and professional installation is critical.

Following a few money-saving habits with your HVAC system will lead to a happier and healthier New Year.

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