3 Benefits of NEST thermostats

NEST Thermostats are the future of air conditioning and cooling in your house. Think of it as a smart thermostat; one that can connect, learn and adapt. Imagine being able to have the temperature higher when it’s colder (usually from dusk to dawn) and cooler when it’s warmer outside (daylight hours) — all automatically, without you having to constantly adjust it. They are truly an incredible technology that provides a ton of benefits…here are a few!

  1. Motion Detection

One of the great things about the NEST is the ability to determine when someone is home or not. That’s thanks to a built in motion detector. Not only will the NEST memorize your temperature patterns based on different rooms, time of year, and time of day, but also it will automatically kick in once it knows someone is home! One less concern to worry about.

  1. Different Rooms, Different Temperature

The NEST can work with multiple different thermostats at the same time, meaning that you can have your bedroom and your office at completely different temperatures — all controlled by the NEST. The possibilities are endless, and this technology allows you to maximize the efficiency of your heating and air unit while balancing different needs you may have.

  1. Smart Temperature Control

With a NEST thermostat, you can have complete control of the temperature in your home anywhere you are. Maybe you want to warm up the house before you get there, or maybe someone forgot to turn off the A/C and it’s wasting money. All with the touch of a button on your smartphone you can control your entire unit.

Call us today and get yourself a NEST Thermostat to save money while also living in true comfort! It is the one upgrade that is worth every penny in the short and long run.