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Need Your AC  Tuned Up for Summer? We can Help. Check out some of our AC  Tune Up specials.

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We provide AC Tune-Ups, and Check-Ups, throughout Phoenix, the West Valley, and East Valley.

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What is an AC Tune-up?

An AC Tune-Up is a series of inspections, calibrations, measurements, adjustments, and balances. A Tune-up is designed to ensure your HVAC is working at optimal efficiency. Like a car tune-up, an HVAC tune-up is designed to save you money by preventing HVAC breakdowns.

AC Check Up & Tune Up

Do you have any AC Tune Up Specials?

The current special we are running for an A/C Tune-Up is $149.00

A typical AC Tune up will include some of the following:

  • Electrical system inspection
  • Thermostat calibration or adjustments
  • Temperature measurement and check
  • Cleaning of condenser coils
  • Lubrication of visible and accessible moving parts like fan blades
  • Refrigerant level check and pressure test
  • Connection adjustments, tightening, and test
  • Evaluation of blower and belt for proper operation
  • Inspection and adjustment of wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays
  • Refrigerant/Freon top off

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AC Check Up & Tune Up

Do You need an AC Tune Up?

There has never been a better time to give your air conditioning a tune-up, nor a better team to turn to than R and R Refrigeration!
Arizona residents know heat when they feel it – and the hottest weather of the year is just around the corner! Do you know for a fact that your air conditioning is ready, or will you spend the summer wondering if – or when – it will fail?

Why do more people choose R&R?

  •  We wear shoe covers, use drop cloths, and respect your property
  • Our primary goal is to provide you with the best service imaginable.
  •  We keep your property safe by creating risk-free work environments onsite
  •  We are licensed, bonded, and Insured to provide you with 3rd party consumer protection.
  •  We have been around since 1974. We know HVAC.

Air conditioning is not a luxury here, it is all but a necessity for life! As the mercury starts to climb, and even cloudy days regularly top 100 degrees, our air conditioners are really going to start earning their keep. But how long will it be before that aging workhorse is straining just to keep your home livable? You should consider having R and R Refrigeration’s expert heating and cooling engineers come out to give it a full inspection, and the finely balanced tune-up it needs to keep you cool all summer long. It might even save you a lot of money!

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AC Check Up & Tune Up

An air conditioning tune-up can improve your air conditioner’s performance, extend its life, and even lower the amount you spend to cool your home this season!

The thing is, if your AC is going to fail, it will probably be when it is working hardest – which means it could be around noon of the hottest day for the year. Worse still, how many other air conditioners will choose that day to konk out in your side of town alone? 5? A dozen? 100? How long will it take for a repairman to get to your home when every engineer in the city is already out on a call?

Wouldn’t it be so much better to have us give it a look now, when we can schedule an appointment that fits your schedule, and you don’t have to swelter in the heat and think up excuses to spend more time at work?

We are certain you will be delighted with the service you receive from R&R

What goes into an AC tune-up?

A thorough, professionally performed air conditioning tune-up is more than just simple preventative maintenance (which is still hugely important). It is a series of inspections, calibrations and balancings designed to increase the performance of your cooling system, make sure that you have all the capacity you need to stay cool in the hottest weather Arizona can throw at you, and can do so without your electricity bills going through the roof!

R and R offers an amazingly thorough, detailed tune-up procedure. Depending on the type of system you use, its age, and other factors, we’ll perform some or all of the following procedures – but we’ll never charge you for something you don’t actually need!

  • Thorough cleaning of your condenser coil(s)1

This is the most effective way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning. We’ll carefully vacuum/blow off all of the dust, debris and other material that is probably caking your condenser coils and interfering with your AC’s ability to dump excess heat. Not only will it give you higher cooling capacity, it will reduce the amount of electricity you use to achieve it.

  • Measurement and topping off of your refrigerant levels

No system, not matter how perfectly engineered, runs completely without leaks and wear. If your refrigerant levels are low, it’s just like when your car’s radiator starts to run dry – things begin to heat up, no matter how much power you throw into it. We’ll top your refrigerant off with exactly the right stuff and complete safety.

  • Lubrication of the systems moving parts

Anything that moves can wear or grind, costing you more energy to run and reducing the useful life of your system. This really isn’t something you can do yourself. We’ll make sure all of your moving parts are oiled up properly, and with the correct lubricants!

  • Thermostat calibration

Depending on the type of thermostat you actually use, it could be mis-reading temperatures by 5 degrees or more! Not only does that make for less efficient operation, it can cost you a fortune every year. We’ll make sure yout thermostat is in perfect working order.

  • A full ductwork inspection

Our expert engineers will give your ducts a good going-over, looking for leaks, poor seals, imbalanced airflow, and a build-up of dust, mold or allergens in the ducts themselves. If there are major problems here, we can advise you on getting your ducts cleaned, sealed or re-balanced.

  • An inspection of all of your electrical connections

A loose connection could cause your air conditioning to fail suddenly, or even be the spark that starts a fire or other disaster. We’ll carefully inspect all of your AC’s electrical systems for loose, corroded or pitted connections, and make sure every one is tight, safe, and working correctly.

  • An inspection of your air handler (blower)

Here, we’ll make sure your air handling unit is in good condition, works efficiently, and isn’t leaking air. If t is a belt-drive unit, we’ll make sure the blower belt is sturdy and not likely to slip. We’ll also inspect your fan blades to make sure they are in good working order, and not causing inefficiency by being worn or damaged.

  • An inspection of your air filters

Blocked or aging air filters could be robbing you of most of your cooling system’s power, or be spreading dust and allergens throughout your home. We’ll make sure you have the right filters fitted, that they are working properly, and we’ll change them if necessary.

  • How would an AC tune-up benefit me?

Simply put, it will make sure your system works better now, and make it less likely to fail when you need it most. In a place where you depend on your air conditioning as much as you do here, an AC tune-up is a win-won proposition!

  • Sound like you could use a tune-up?

Call R and R Refrigeration today at 480-900-2178, and we’ll schedule a detailed, in-depth AC tune-up for you now, and get you going full blast before the rush!