Why is My A/C Leaking Water?

One of the single most common A/C repair Phoenix homeowners call in is leaking water. It’s not as uncommon as you may think, and while it’s essential to have it addressed by a professional, learning a bit more about the problem may help you understand it a little better.
While most A/C repairs that involve leaking water can be drawn to one source, there are some other options out there. Here are a few of the most typical we see on a weekly basis:

  • Clogged drain hole – this is one of the more common problems. The drain removes water from your unit, but it can get clogged with all sorts of debris. This can happen more often if you forget to change the filter in your unit. We’ll help by clearing any debris and looking for the source of the problem.
  • Broken pump – This is the least likely of all of the causes, but it is possible. If the condenser pump breaks, the water won’t be routed to the proper location, and you could have a small flood on your hands in a hurry. Keep in mind, though, that the pump might be working, but your power supply to the pump could also break, so there are a few pump repair options you may have to consider.
  • Pressure issues – In some cases, blocked vents may mean you’re getting a pressure push-back inside the unit, and that can cause it to leak water. The best bet in this case is to inspect all of the vents and make sure they’re working as they should be.
    If your unit is leaking water, give us a call. We’re the only air conditioner maintenance professionals to know in the Phoenix area, and we even offer emergency services. Call us now to book your appointment.