Avoid AC Repair in Surprise with Regular Tune-ups

We are heading into the hottest part of summer as we rapidly push through July and into August.  Emergency AC repair in Surprise AZ is not uncommon, but you don’t want to be one of those statistics if you can help it.  You can put yourself, and your air conditioner, in a situation where you won’t need HVAC repair this year.  How can you do that? The answer is easy, by consistently and routinely managing your HVAC system’s maintenance.

Summertime Temperatures

The heat of summer, especially in the Phoenix area, can exhaust your air conditioner if you don’t help it stay in the best condition possible.  As well, the dry and dusty conditions that are inherent in the Arizona climate can dull your system’s functions.  In the throes of summer, now is not the ideal time for your air conditioning system to malfunction or stop.  You want your family to remain cool and comfortable.  Likewise, summer is a great vacation time and if you have guests at your home, you certainly don’t want the sweltering summer heat to spoil your visit or their fun.

Signs of Trouble

A few warning signs that you might need HVAC repair include:

  • If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat to get the current temperature you want;
  • If your system runs 24/7; or
  • If you were to find ice on your air conditioner or heat pump.

These are potential signs that may add up to needing emergency AC repairs in Surprise AZ.  Any number of small parts, including belts and hoses, could be the culprits for AC repair.  Due to the harsher and more volatile nature of Surprise and other surrounding Arizona areas, parts can break more easily and more often.

If you need air conditioner repair in Surprise, call on professionals with a good reputation.  You want service experts who really care about your comfort.  You also want quality service at an affordable price.  R&R Refrigeration is a family-owned business caring for clients’ air conditioning needs since 1974.  We have a reputation you can trust.