Is that A/C Tune Up Actually Worth it?

You want your air conditioner to function, even on the hottest days in Phoenix, right? You may see lots of companies advertising an air conditioner tune up for less than a hundred bucks. Is it worth it to actually shell out the cash and schedule one of these for your home? Absolutely.

What Are They?

Is that A/C Tune Up Actually Worth it?

Air conditioners work like any other piece of equipment. They need occasional service and maintenance to perform at their best. A tune up is the perfect way to check and make certain things are working as they should. During any tune up, a professional technician will take a careful look at your system, cleaning where necessary and calibrating as required to ensure you’re getting optimal performance from it month after hot month.

What Does It Involve?

While tune ups vary from company to company, most of them involve some of the same basic tasks. Take a look:

  • Clean filters
  • Flush drain
  • Clean condenser coil and inspect it for problems
  • Clean any accumulated debris from around the condenser
  • Inspect and monitor fan motor, bearings, operant refrigerant pressure, safety devices, contacts, capacitors, fan blade and valves
  • Measure supply and return capacity and temperature differences

How Long Does It Take?

In most cases, your appointment should not take more than an hour. The bonus is that once checked, your HVAC technician will certainly be able to advise you of problems in the making. What’s more, though, is that many warranties demand yearly inspections to stay current, so you may be taking a chance without one.

To schedule your HVAC checkup today, give us a call. For just $59.95, we’ll give your system them check up it needs to perform well throughout the end of the hot season. Book your appointment now and start discovering how you can save more with just a bit of added service.