Air Balancing

Make your air conditioning more effective and less expensive to use with professional air balancing from R and R Refrigeration!

Few homes have properly balanced vents. Have you noticed that some rooms are always hotter or colder than others? That the air blows powerfully out of the vents in some rooms, but barely trickles from others? Then you need air balancing to even it all out.

What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing means making sure that the airflow from each of your ducts is appropriate to the size of the room and its heat profile. The goal is to balance your airflow, which will cool the house to the same temperature, at the same time, and using less electricity overall.

It isn’t all about getting the same air flow from each vent, either. Air balancing is about achieving a true ‘comfort balance’. That might mean directing more air to larger rooms or those which get a lot of sunlight, or directing airflow away from rooms in the basement or center of the home (which get less heat from outside).

How does air balancing work?

It is more than just closing and opening louvers – that simply doesn’t work!

Professional air balancing uses several techniques, any one or all of which might be necessary in a particular home.

  • One of the most radical methods is adding entirely new vents to chronically hot rooms
  • Simply re-sizing and re-sealing existing ducts may be more effective (and less expensive)
  • Sections of ductwork may need to be resized, sealed, repaired or re-installed as well

How could professional air balancing help me?

Few homes fail to reap substantial benefits from professional air balancing. Depending on your current cooling system and its problems, you might find that:

  • Your furnace, air conditioner, or both actually last longer

Because well-balanced systems do not have to run as long or as hard to achieve comfortable temperatures, they last longer. After all, if your air conditioning only runs half as many hours a day, it should last twice as long.

  • You don’t have ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ rooms

Every room in the home should reach the same, comfortable temperature when the system is on. That means your brightest sunniest rooms can be comfortably cool without your basement or back room making you wish for a sweater!

  • You pay less to heat and cool your home

Because a well-balanced system if more efficient, you spend less achieving a better level of comfort. After all, you are literally paying more to keep your coldest rooms that cold So your hot rooms are cooler and your cold rooms become warmer, and you pay less – even if you keep your thermostat just as low as ever!

Is your air conditioning poorly balanced?

Call R and R Refrigeration today at 480-900-2178 and find out for sure! We’ll be happy to make an inspection of your heating and air conditioning systems, and diagnose what your real problems might be. Whether you need balancing, re-sealing, or something else entirely, R anf R can help!