Duct Cleaning

Almost everything works better after a good cleaning

Having your ducts professionally cleaned once a year can dramatically improve the air quality in your home. Not only will this make it a much more pleasant environment, it could reduce your heating bills and positively impact your health!

Air quality is one of the most consistently overlooked aspects of a home, and yet it is one of the easiest things for many home owners to control! After all, you vacuum your carpets regularly not just to keep them looking tidy, but to protect yourself and your family from the negative health effects of spending time in a dirty environment.

Your air ducts may be out of sight, but they shouldn’t be out of mind! Your heating and air conditioning blows every breath you take at home through those ducts, and any contaminants in those ducts – dust and the minute droppings of dust mites and a lot more – make their way into your family’s lungs every day.

If your ducts have not been thoroughly cleaned, and recently at that, dust, mold, and allergens of all kinds are surely to be found there, and in amounts that may literally be making you ill.

How does Duct Cleaning work?

It all starts with using imaging equipment – essentially cameras – to inspect the condition of your ducts and determine 1) whether you need a cleaning at all and 2) what equipment and techniques we need to use.

Next, we bring in a powerful vacuum, either a large truck-mounted unit or a smaller portable unit which can get to even the most awkward ducts. Hand-tools, brushes and other devices might be needed to get to particularly difficult spaces, but in the end every square inch of your ducts will be scoured.

If we found evidence of mold in the ducts, we may need to use an anti-microbial sanitizing agent to kill it and retard any future growth.

What would duct cleaning do for me?

In addition to the simple desire to keep all parts of your home clean and tidy, duct cleaning can have some important benefits for you and your family. For example:

  • Duct cleaning can remove stubborn lingering odors

As having your ducts professionally cleaned strips away layer upon layer of dust, mold ad fungus, it can remove the sources of long-term unpleasant odors that you might not even notice anymore – but which your house guests surely do.

  • Duct cleaning saves you money on your bills

When your ducts are clean your heating and air conditioning both run more efficiently – so your gas and electricity bills should go down a bit.

  • Duct cleaning kills dangerous molds and fungi

Air ducts are cool, damp places which are full of organic matter – most of dust is shed human skin particles after all. Dangerous molds and fungi can take hold in this fertile ground and begin to make you ill.

  • Duct cleaning can relieve asthma and allergy symptoms

Many asthma and allergy sufferers react very badly to dust – or specifically to the powdered droppings of dust mites. These mites thrive in the dusty environments of your ducts, and your air conditioning and heating blows their droppings throughout your house, and directly into your lungs.

Duct cleaning is not guaranteed to reduce your asthma or allergy symptoms to be sure, but if someone in your family does suffer from these conditions, don’t you owe it to them to try it?

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