Duct Sealing

Make your heating and air conditioning more effective and less expensive at the same time by having your ducts professionally sealed.

Many homes and businesses have poorly sealed ductwork without knowing it, and waste a substantial percentage of their cooling power – and budget – venting cold air into unused areas and already cold rooms.

You could save 20%, 30%, or even ore on your heating and cooling bills!

Energy Star tells us that a typical home loses a full 20% of the air their cooling systems pass into their ductwork through holes, poorly sealed connections and other leaks. Many in fact lose a lot more than that. Not only does tis degrade the performance of your air conditioning system, taking longer to cool rooms farther from your air conditioner, it is essentially throwing money away every day you cool your home.

Would my ducts benefit from sealing?

Almost certainly. Unless you’ve had them professionally sealed already, it is very rare for ductwork to lack substantial leaks. If you experience any of these problems, you almost certainly need duct sealing:

  • Unusually high electric bills in the summer
  • Excessive dust, or surfaces that get dusty immediately after cleaning
  • Failure to realize lower electric bills, even after upgrading your air conditioner
  • Rooms that are much slower to cool than others, or that never really achieve a comfortable temperature
  • Visible flaws, gaps or holes in your ducts

If you have any of these problems, please call us right away at 602-942-8996 to schedule a duct inspection. We can definitely help!

How does duct sealing work?

At its most basic level, duct sealing means closing any leaks, gaps or holes in your heating or air conditioning ducts. This is more than simply breaking out the duct tape, though. (In fact, you really shouldn’t use that to seal your ducts at all, trust us).

Mastic Sealant – Many duct sealing jobs call for a resin-based mastic sealant. It is similar to bathroom caulk, but formulated to perform better and form more permanent bonds to ductwork. It is waterproof, long lasting, and leaves a very smooth internal surface which won’t slow airflow.

Metallic Tape – These tapes are actually made of metal foil – ‘duct tape’ only looks a bit like metal. Actual metallic tape forms an excellent seal and lasts for decades when used correctly.

Aeroseal-Type Sealant – This is a technique that uses an injected aerosol material to coat the entirety of the interior of your ductwork. This is an excellent solution for very complicated to hard-to-access ducts, but must be professionally applied, and must only be used to totally clean ducts!

How would sealing my air ducts help?

Getting your ducts professionally sealed should help in these ways:

  • More even temperatures throughout the home
  • Lower heating and cooling bills – which are typically half of your overall energy consumption
  • Less risk of carbon monoxide exposure
  • Less exposure to dust and allergens

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