Are Furnaces Necessary in Arizona?

Arizona has a reputation for being one of the hottest states in the U.S. This doesn’t mean that it never gets cold though. The next time you are installing a new air conditioner or your whole HVAC system breaks down, remember that your furnace is just as important as your air conditioning for total overall comfort.

Getting a new air conditioner means you will have an updated, far more efficient piece of technology. Every year, air conditioners are becoming better and using less energy, but these units will be severely hindered if they are installed in concert with an antiquated furnace and air system. Heating and cooling systems work together with the air handler to keep your home comfortable and circulated. Replacing everything at once will guarantee the most compatible system and will actually lower your energy bill and overall cost of maintenance and longevity.

Furnaces are crucial for the overall performance of your home’s heating and air conditioning. They also keep you warm though, something easily forgotten, yet necessary, in the Arizona climate. It is a misconception that keeping your furnace off until you actually need it will save you money. Instead, it is much better to maintain a consistent range of temperature for comfort and for the best energy bill. Alternatively, it might seem plausible to use a space heater on those chilly Arizona nights, but don’t think that this will save you any headaches. Procrastination is tempting, but don’t wait around and suffer when having a new furnace is attainable and alleviates so much stress.

Staying up to date with your furnace will guarantee that your air conditioning is first class and also that you will remain comfortable when the temperatures quickly drop from their seemingly endless scorch.