Are Trane Air Conditioners Really Better?

You’ve probably seen the Trane commercials on TV touting the various merits of their AC units and telling you “It’s hard to stop a Trane.” It’s true that Trane is one of the biggest manufacturers in the HVAC industry, but there are also a few other major players to consider as well. With this in mind, the real question is, are Trane air conditioners really better?

The short answer is yes. Trane has high quality products – but so do some of their competitors. According to various consumer groups, there are a few AC manufacturers that stand above the rest. The major manufacturers in the U.S. are Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Goodman, and York. Each of these also have several brands underneath them. In terms of the parent companies, however, there are two that stand out: Carrier and Trane.

You may be wondering now, if Carrier is just as good as Trane, then why should you go with Trane? Well, one reason is that Trane requires contractors installing their products to operate under strict guidelines to give you the best quality product over the long term.

This brings up an interesting point. Most – not all, but most – AC units are somewhat comparable. Sure, there are different efficiency ratings for different models, but most are fairly similar in terms of operating characteristics. The real difference that separates a “good” air conditioner from a “bad” one is the air conditioner installation itself and the skill of the contractors who install them. If the installer has a sub-par skill level, the result is going to be a unit that doesn’t perform at its best over its lifetime. And this is a major reason why Trane units are better – their installers are required to follow Trane’s stringent guidelines, which ultimately leads to a better product over time.

So, are Trane air conditioners really better? Yes – because their high quality products matched with the superior skill levels of their installers make for a better operating, more efficient unit overall. Contact us today by calling 480-900-2178 or visit our website for more information!