Can Your Air Conditioner Meet Your Cooling Needs This Summer?

Is it time for a new air conditioner? Look at your options and make your decision now before the hottest Phoenix summer weather gets here. How can you know which of the best air conditioning units will be right for you? There are many makes and models to choose from; which one will fit your needs best? Here are some things to look for.

  • Determine your space needs. You will need to know how much space you are trying to cool (i.e., square footage, how many rooms, etc.). For your new air conditioner to operate as efficiently as possible and with your goals for cool space in mind, careful calculations will need to be performed to make sure your requirements will be met.
  • Overall home evaluation. In essence, the air conditioning installation contractor should take into account the number of windows in your home, amount and type of insulation, and your home’s ductwork, just to name a few factors that need consideration.
  • Replace both inside and outside units. In order to ensure your new HVAC system is the best it can be and all you are looking for, make no mistake: both the outdoor and indoor units need to be operating as one. The systems, whether central air conditioning or heat pump, need to match up to operate properly and efficiently. These parts work as a team and the right balance needs to be found to have a successful operating relationship.

If you don’t take time to consider all these factors before you purchase your new air conditioning unit, you will not be maximizing your efforts to get the best product for your needs and the best value for your money. Your energy bills could cost you more than they need to and you could also be leaving your home open to the possibilities of hot and cold spots and places where mold or mildew could grow if the air doesn’t flow properly throughout your home.

To choose the between the best air conditioning units for your needs, a professional will look at many factors to help you decide which make and model will work best for your home.