Central Air Conditioner Installation – What is the Cost?

If you are looking for the ultimate in cool comfort, central air conditioning may offer the ideal solution. Not only is it effective at cooling various rooms in your house (as opposed to just one, as with a window unit), central air is quiet, inconspicuous, easy to operate and control, and it can help improve indoor air quality. But the big question is, what is the cost for central air conditioner installation? After all, everyone wants to know the cost of a home improvement prior to making a commitment.

The Eternal Question: How Much?

The definitive answer is: it depends. Your cost will depend on the particular system you choose, the contractor’s labor, materials, the size of your home, and whether you have existing duct work in place. If you have a gas, forced-air heating system, for example, it’s a relatively simple and a less expensive process to add a coil for the AC system. If you have baseboard heating or a boiler, then your cost will increase.

For a 2000-square foot home, you are looking at a cost of between $2650 and $10,000 (or possibly more, depending on your home and the system). Most homeowners spend between $4714 and $5872.

This is a significant investment. You can ensure it is a wise one by choosing a reputable AC contractor who can advise you as to the best system and best central air conditioner installation methods. You can also take key steps to maximize your AC’s efficiency, thus helping you recoup some of your initial cost. Regularly cleaning and replacing filters, and having an annual professional inspection can help you run your system as efficiently as possible – and of course, keep your home as comfortable as possible.

To avoid an AC installation surprise when you get your bill, call a trusted HVAC service. They can consult with you and help you choose a system that meets the needs of your budget and your home.