Is Your Central Air Smelling Musty?

An AC unit should not have a smell to it. It should smell fresh and make you feel cool and comfortable. If there is a smell coming from it, something is wrong and you need to look at it.  If your central air smelling musty, you could have a number of different issues on your hands.

The primary causes of a central air smelling musty are mold and mildew, which can be dangerous for your health.  Many different issues can create musty mildew odors that happen in your HVAC systems. Here are a few of the most common:

  • A clogged drip pan.  If you look at the drip pan and you see that it’s clogged, isn’t in the right place or it’s filling too fast then there’s a problem with your drip pan and this can cause mildew growth. You can clear it, if the clog is obvious.
  • A clogged or dirty filter.  If you look at your filter and it’s dirty you will want to replace it since a clogged and dirty filter can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Moisture in the ducts.  Ducts should have no moisture.  If there is then your ducts may not be properly sealed or there is a problem with your unit since an AC system should remove any moisture from them.
  • A clogged A/C condensate drain line.  The condensate drain line removes the condensation that is caused by the AC system’s coils and if it’s clogged and moisture occurs this can cause mildew growth.
  • Other problems with your system.  There are many other problems in an AC system that can cause mildew growth and cannot be fixed by the layman.

If you have looked at your HVAC system and cleaning your drip pan or changing your filter hasn’t fixed the problem then you need to contact a HVAC technician.  It’s the only way to ensure your problem gets solved immediately. Contact R&R Refrigeration today to learn more.