Choosing the Right Company for Your Commercial HVAC Repairs

Commercial HVAC repairs is a phrase that will make even the most seasoned property owner shudder. Just maintaining these units can be a costly endeavor, but when something goes wrong, the bill can quickly jump into the thousands. This is why it is so important to find a commercial HVAC repair company that you can trust. You want someone who is not only trustworthy and honest, but someone who is knowledgeable as well. Here’s what to look for when searching for an HVAC company for heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair.


Choosing a company with experience is a must for HVAC maintenance and repairs, especially when it comes to commercial units. You need someone that is knowledgeable about commercial systems and all the complexities involved with them. Much of this knowledge comes from hands-on experience in working with these units, so look for a well-established company staffed by technicians with several years of experience.


Aside from experience, you want a company that can provide good references. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, or consult the internet to find companies that have good ratings in terms of work quality and service. If you need to, you can even ask the HVAC companies you are considering to provide you with a few references from other commercial property owners.

Licenses and Certifications

Any HVAC company you go with should be fully licensed and certified. These credentials will ensure that the company has sought the proper permits to perform HVAC work, and that the technicians are able to work on any make and model of heating or air conditioning unit. Added bonus points go to companies that are bonded and insured. Finally, ask about any awards or commendations that the company has received. There are several nationally recognized industry awards that are given to qualifying companies.

Warranties and Agreements

Many companies offer warranties or agreements on their work, in addition to anything already offered by HVAC system manufacturers. Inquire as to whether these are offered as added insurance that you’ll be receiving continued quality service. In other words, if something goes wrong a week after the HVAC company was there, you want to know that they’ll be back to fix it ASAP and at no additional charge (assuming it’s the same issue, of course).


Availability is another factor to consider when choosing a company for heating/air conditioning maintenance and repair. Having a company that can be there regularly for maintenance or quickly for emergency repairs is vital to keeping your system up and running smoothly. If you AC goes out in the middle of a typical Phoenix summer, you need someone out there immediately. Ask ahead of time what the company’s policy is for dealing with emergency repairs and how long it usually takes them to respond. Contact R&R Refrigeration at 480-900-2178 if you are in need of expert assistance or visit us online today.