Reviews from Two of the HOTTEST months(May & June) in Arizona (Thank God for AC!).

One of our MANY satisfied business customers! 

To Whom It May Concern:
E.T. Wright & Assoc., LP has worked with R & R Refrigeration for many years and we recommend them for their quality of service, their integrity and their professionalism. We manage a number of commercial properties and each property has multiple heating and cooling units.

R & R service has provided quality service for these suites for many years and they have effectively serviced and maintained these units – many of which are a variety of makes and vintages.

We find the R & R technicians to be courteous, well trained, detail oriented and careful in the performance of their duties. When issues do arise with equipment in our suites we get detailed written descriptions of the issues and clear and concise information on corrective actions that are recommended.

One of the most appreciated aspects of their service offering is their ability to respond during off hours and in cases of urgency. I personally enjoy a tremendous sense of peace knowing that they are there when we need them. They are reliable, respectful of our property and of our tenant’s space and business’– and most importantly, they are relentless in solving the problems that can arise and efficient at getting our heating and cooling back on-line. The owners/managers are personable and they work with us in a manner that makes it feel like we have a partner. They are concerned with our success and they work hard at what they do to support our efforts. They are pleasant, trustworthy and they have a work ethic you can count upon. I recommend R & R and if you have any further questions please feel free to give me a call.

Thank you for your consideration.

Suzanne L. Wright

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