Common A/C Problems

If your air conditioner isn’t running as well as it should be or it isn’t running at all, you may be looking for a fast solution. Take a look at the following common air conditioner problems to see if any of them fit in your situation.

The Condenser Never Kicks On

If you never hear the condenser kick on, you may want to check to be sure everything is plugged in and there are no blown fuses. If you find any of those problems, simply repair the power problem, then see if it will start to run properly. An improperly set thermostat may also be at fault in that case.

It Isn’t As Cool As It Should Be

Whether the air coming out of the vent just doesn’t feel as cool as it should or your whole house doesn’t feel very cool, it could be that your evaporator is dirty. Clean it carefully, then let it run for a few hours. Remember that the hottest Phoenix days can certain impact your unit’s performance, so don’t expect too much, especially if your home has lots of windows. It’s also possible that your unit is experiencing a refrigerant leak. Make certain you talk to a technician about a problem like this, as it’s quite dangerous to handle coolant leaks on your own.

The Unit Shuts Off and On Repeatedly

This is a very common problem with air conditioners, and there are a couple of potential issues. It may be that the condenser unit is dirty or blocked. You could also have a dirty evaporator. Often a simple cleaning will repair the problem entirely and remove any obstructions that are causing the unit.

Wondering which problems are most serious? In cases, like these, it may be time to simply consider a new one.

  • The repairs become increasingly frequent: During the last two years of life, air conditioners often need lots of repairs. If it feels like you’ve been calling your HVAC contractor repeatedly, you may want to consider replacing the unit.
  • Your home still feels humid: Air conditioners aren’t just supposed to make your home more livable, they’re supposed to dump the high levels of humidity too, and if your home feels more humid than ever, you may want a new system.
  • Your home just doesn’t feel comfortable: The Phoenix heat can get to almost anyone, and if you’re feeling it in particular locations around your home, it may be time to optimize with a new system.

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