Control your Smart Thermostat from your Smart Phone

When was the last time you thought about your air conditioner’s thermostat? With so many SMART devices these days that can do just about anything you want from anywhere, including turning on and off your home’s security alarm system, why shouldn’t your thermostat be smart, too? Well, now it can be.

What is a NEST Thermostat?

The NEST system is the future of thermostats. It was designed to be able to adjust not only to your needs now, but also to your needs as they change in the future. It will learn to adapt to your lifestyle. Imagine just “telling” your thermostat to turn itself up? Professional installation experts can help you make the most of this new technology.

Is It Complicated to Use?

You do not have to be a computer expert or have a computer degree to learn how to operate this new smart technology. It does not take extensive programming efforts. The best features on the NEST Thermostat automatically activate as the system begins to learn about you, your home, and your temperature preferences.

How Does It Work?

The NEST Thermostat can “sense” when the air in your home is too humid or if it becomes too cold. Once it knows what you consider your “perfect” temperature, it will try to ensure that number is maintained throughout the day and night.

Is It Expensive?

The way the NEST system was designed to operate will actually help save money on your heating and cooling bills because it can turn itself down when you’re away from home with it’s automatic “Away” feature. It is estimated that you can save 10-12% on heating costs and between 15-20% on cooling costs. This system is working constantly with your best interests in mind. While the price for this new technology may be a little more costly than a traditional thermostat, you will definitely make up in features for that cost. Plus, the amount you will save in benefits is expected to repay the price of the thermostat in two years, and after that, it’s all savings.

Can I Control It When I’m Away From Home?

Just like with about everything these days, there’s an “app” for that. Connect with it through the internet and your home WiFi. More and more companies everyday are joining in with the notion that you can control everything from your favorite smart device. Before long, you can expect to be able to control every facet of your home whether you’re there or not. This can mean big savings not only to your wallet but also to your home’s ecosystem as technology continues to seamlessly integrate through a myriad of programs and devices to allow you to control your home’s environment with the mere touch of a button.

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