Don’t Get Stuck in the Heat – Call for AC Maintenance Now

The summer heat is here, and with it, comes the most dangerous part of this season – the temperature. Heat, especially in prolonged exposure to heat, can cause damage to one’s health. Our bodies will want, and try, to naturally adapt to the given temperature, but this is not always for the best. Your body may slowly adapt to the heat without you fully realizing it, and you may do more than you should or stay in the heat longer than your body can truly tolerate because of that adaptation. Heat indoors can be just as dangerous as outside heat, but at least inside, you have the power of your A/C to help cool things down, right? Not if you don’t carefully maintain your system!

At R & R, our maintenance professionals have generations of knowledge and experience to assess whatever might be wrong with your A/C and fix the source of the problem. Why is heat so dangerous? Take a look.

Being in the heat too long can lead to heat exhaustion, which can be caused by either too little fluid in your system or too little salt. Heat exhaustion can make you feel fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, confused, etc. Excursion in the heat (sometimes even consecutive minor activities) can also cause heat stroke if you aren’t hydrated enough. Heat stroke is serious and requires medical attention, as it means the heat is affecting your nervous system in damaging ways.

What You Can Do

To avoid potentially adverse affects from the heat, even if you feel you can adapt and wait to fix your A/C for another time, it’s safer and more convenient to call us as soon as there’s a problem. We can respond promptly to insure your air becomes comfortable again. Fixing the A/C is especially important for the elderly, children, and pets, whose immune systems are more fragile to extended exposure to the kind of heat Arizona brings.

Our response will mirror the necessity in yours. We know it’s important to fix these units and give a refuge from the heat; we’ll do a thorough job, but with swiftness that ensures you stay out of the danger zone as much as possible.