Fall Furnace Maintenance

Why does it always seem that you’re A/C goes out just when things are heating up and your heating system crashes as soon as the weather breaks? Heating and air conditioning maintenance is a year-round need but the seasonal start-ups can cause issues if you aren’t ready. If you have a furnace, don’t just crank it up without a little TLC. Start with fall furnace maintenance to avoid a costly repair.

The first thing in your fall maintenance plan should be to call a professional company for AC repair. Phoenix has plenty but you should choose one known for its integrity and good old-fashioned customer service. A pro can do things that just aren’t smart or safe for even a handy homeowner to tackle. And since around 75% of winter emergency calls can be traced to poor maintenance, getting a little help is a wise move.

Your professional will have many tasks to perform in your fall furnace check-up but the price is usually very reasonable. Here are a few things you should see him do:

• Check the electrical system
• Test voltage
• Inspect and lubricate moving parts
• Remove obstructions from the condensation drain
• Examine the exhaust outlets
• Check the start and stop controls for proper operation
• Check for leaks
• Clean out soot and grime
• Inspect the air filters

There are other tasks but these are some of the most important ones to do in the fall. This kind of inspection will give you a great deal of peace of mind when the cooler weather finally arrives. You’ll know that you and your family aren’t just cozy; you’re safe too.

As the homeowner, one of the best things you can do to keep your system in top condition is change the filters. In the winter, when you and your family are spending more time indoors, you need to change them more often. A new filter about once a month is what most professionals will recommend. If you cannot afford this frequency, at least give it a cleaning that often.

Fall is here and winter is soon to come. Make sure you and your furnace are ready for the change.