Gas Smell in the House

Every home has its own assortment of scents from candles to cooking to teenager’s gym socks. Some are pleasant. Some are decidedly not so. But there’s one that can be seriously dangerous: the smell of gas.

There are two different kinds of gas that often give homeowners trouble. One is sewer gas and the other is natural gas. Neither one belongs in your home.

Sewer Gas

A foul, rotten egg-like smell indicates that gas from your sewer pipes is sneaking into your indoor air. That nasty smell is hydrogen sulfide gas and it’s very unhealthy. Exposure to it over time can cause irritability, sinus problems, bronchitis, dizziness, fatigue and a host of other medical problems.

A leak in your plumbing ventilation is usually the culprit. It could be a small problem like a dried out seal. It could also be a symptom of a major issue like a break in your main stack. Though many air conditioning maintenance companies do ventilation work, this smell is really a job for a plumber.

Natural Gas

The natural gas that we use in our homes is actually completely odorless. A pungent scent is added to it to make it discernable in case of a leak. It contains no oxygen so it cannot be breathed without serious consequences that could even include death.

A faint odor in an isolated place in your home could mean that your pilot light has gone and you need to open a few windows before relighting it. A strong or overwhelming smell means you need to leave the home and call the gas company from your cell phone or a neighbor’s house. This is a case of better safe than sorry. Use more caution than you think is necessary.

Good ventilation in your home is important. Any too-strong smells could mean that you need to make repairs or improve your ventilation system with help from the pros. Except the gym socks – those you have to take care of on your own! Contact us today by calling 480-900-2178 or visit out website for more information!