Getting Ready to Beat the Summer Heat

Spring officially arrived on March 20 this year. But as you know if you’ve already had your first seasonal AC repair, Phoenix tends to start the season a little early. There’s still time to get ahead on your air conditioning maintenance and get ready for the summer heat. You just need to be prepared and get started as soon as you can.

Check the insulation.

Getting Ready to Beat the Summer Heat

Keeping you home cool in the summer requires insulation. Most people think you only need a high R value insulation if you live in a place with extremely cold winters. Insulation does more than hold in the warmth. It also keeps the cool air inside in the summer.

Adding a little extra insulation will protect you from the summer sun bearing down on your roof. The heat can build up in your attic and make the ceiling in your livable square footage warmer. Your AC has to work harder to cool the rooms and that can wear your system down over time. Upping the R value of your insulation gives your rooms a barrier from this heat build-up.

Change the filters.

Fresh filters are an AC unit’s best friend. Imagine if you had to breathe through a screen covered in a thick mat of dust, pollen, lint and fibers! You AC system needs to breathe just like you and a clean filter makes getting air in and out so much easier.

Changing the filter is one of the simplest and most important tasks a homeowner can accomplish to keep his AC system running at peak efficiency. Once a month, switch out all your filters. You might need a screwdriver but don’t be intimidated. It’s really, really easy.

Clean the coils.

Your AC unit has been sitting outside exposed to the elements all winter long. The dust and dirt have blown all over it and likely collected in it too. A nice shower will help it run better when you’re ready to turn on the AC.

Be sure you disconnect the power first, just to be safe. Rinse the unit with your garden hose and get the debris and dirt off of the coils. Do this in the morning on a sunny day if you can so it can dry naturally before you reconnect the power. If you don’t use a cover and your unit is seriously grimy, check the hardware store for a special cleaner.

Make a little room.

While you’re outside hosing the unit off, see if it has sufficient room to do its job. An AC unit needs some space around it so that it can draw in air unimpeded by shrubs, leaves and plants. Too much greenery can also hold moisture and that can mean mold and mildew spores entering your airflow.

You probably planted things to screen it from view but make sure you haven’t overplanted or crowded it. Trim up the shrubbery and leave a foot or two of space around the unit. Clean any loose leaves from the ground so they don’t blow onto or into the unit.

Getting ready for summer starts now! Make yourself a checklist and get your AC ready to run. Contact us today by calling 480-900-2178 or visit out website for more information!