How Long Do Air Conditioners Actually Last?

Replacing an air conditioner isn’t a cheap process. While it has some serious benefits for your own comfort level and your home’s energy efficiency levels, it doesn’t come without a price tag. At some point though, it has to happen, leaving many to wonder just how long air conditioners can actually last. The answer is a bit more complex than you may think.

The Fast Version

The fast answer to this question is approximately fifteen years. While some will only offer you ten years of service and some give you nearly twenty years of service, fifteen tends to be the industry average.

The Real Explanation

The reality is the answer to that question is just a bit more complex. Let’s start with a look at new units. New air conditioners last longer than ever before. Thanks to an increasing number of improvements in energy efficiency and other areas, you’ll easily get up to fifteen years and beyond out of brand new units. You’re only going to see numbers like those in new units that are in ideal conditions throughout the lifespan of the unit. They have to be maintained properly on a regular basis, and they have to be installed properly at the outset.

Older units won’t experience a lifespan quite as long as that. The numbers you get will depend extensively on several factors. When it was installed has a lot to do with how long it will last. If it’s a much older system, you may not even be able to count on repairs any longer. What’s more, is that if you’ve already had several repairs, it may not be feasible to continue down that path. Furthermore, if the unit wasn’t installed properly or you’ve had other HVAC problems in your home since installation, you may have a unit with a shorter lifespan.

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