How Much can I save with a Nest Thermostat?

Figuring out how much money a Nest Thermostat will save you is an impossible task. Sure, you’ll be able to easily track your energy savings from the intelligent programming of the Nest, but it is unfeasible to quantify what you will be saving with regards to stress and time. With extremely diligent planning, it might be possible to program a regular thermostat for maximum savings, but what about that impromptu night out or weekend trip you forgot to run by your thermostat first? Nest Thermostats are like your guardian angel who want you to have fun AND will lower your energy bill without you having to do anything. Spending the money for a Nest Thermostat will pay for itself in both monetary relief and a more relaxed living.

Nest Thermostats have a programmable option, but it is better to let your thermostat learn about your habits and program itself to you. The Nest quickly learns your sleep and work schedule so as to keep your temperature at optimum energy saving levels. Another trump card over regular thermostats is that you can control Nest on-the-go from your smartphone. This means that if someone will be home at an unusual time, you can change the temperature to prepare for their arrival.

The Nest Thermostat will save you around 10% on heating bills and 15% on air conditioning bills. The smart technology makes sure that your house or apartment is in energy savings mode while no one is there. Furthermore, its mobile control gives you all the perks of a programmable thermostat wherever you are, not just while you’re resting your forearms on the wall and decoding out your average schedule on a tiny, digital screen. Nest Thermostats are the new ultimate home utility, there’s no need to wait any longer to get one.