HVAC Installation Tips

If you’re too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, then it might be time to consider replacing your HVAC system. Do some research and think about what brand you trust and then look for the best installer. A brand-name machine is the same no matter where you buy it (although prices will certainly vary) but the air conditioner installation is what really makes the difference.

When choosing your installer, here are some tips to know that you’re hiring the right company.

Indoor and Outdoor

If the installer says that it’s fine to replace the outdoor unit and leave the old indoor unit in place, you might want to keep looking. Just about any good, up-to-date, high-efficiency central air conditioner or heat pump needs a matched system to function properly.

The outdoor compressor and the indoor coil work together like a team. If that team isn’t balanced, the mismatch could shorten the life of both units even if one is brand new. It might also void your warranty. And be sure you never buy a used set!


Your HVAC installer should do some calculations to help you understand what you need. This isn’t just a matter of square feet. There are some specific calculations that determine what size units you need to serve the needs of your home with the most efficiency. The installer should take into account things like the number of window you have and what direction they face along with square footage, ductwork, insulation and several other factors. It’s a “whole house” evaluation.

If no one takes the time to actually do the math, you won’t be comfortable in your home. There could be hot or cold spots. The imbalances can cause mold and mildew growth because the humidity isn’t properly removed. The units might cycle on and off too frequently, shortening their lifespan and raising your energy bills.

Dangers of the Low Bid

If you’re smart, you’ll get a few bids before choosing your air conditioner installation specialist. But beware of the low-ball bid. As in most areas of your life, you might just get what you pay for if you choose the bottom-dollar bid. Check out the fine print and ask for proof of their certifications, qualifications and licensure before signing a contract.

Remember these tips when you start shopping for a new HVAC system. You’ll soon be feeling a little more comfortable with your decision!