HVAC Repairs in El Mirage: When is it Time to Call for Help?

A functional air conditioner. It’s been the demand of people for generations. Those hoping to escape the sweltering heat have come a long way from the early days of air conditioning. Take a look at some quick history.

Ancient Romans used aqueduct systems to circulate cool water within walls. Emperors built inefficient but effective mountains of snow to keep nearby during hot seasons. Ancient Egyptians hung reeds moisturized with water on their windows so that when wind blew through, evaporation would cool the air. The Chinese used hand fans, beautiful and efficient, beginning 3,000 years ago. In the Middle East, architecture was designed such that windows faced opposite the sun, and buildings could catch and circulate winds. Once electricity came into play, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902, and we’ve been enjoying cooling technology since then.

Modern HVAC systems are efficient and effective, and when they’re not working correctly, you don’t have to know how it works or how to fix it– that’s one of our jobs at R & R. If your system is malfunctioning or not working to an optimal level, we can fix it. How do you know when it needs repair, though, or when you should just let it continue to do its job?

One telltale sign that your AC might not be working to its full potential (besides not blowing cool air) is its sound. If the AC is louder than usual, a number of things could be wrong. Something might be stuck in the ducts, or the vents may be preventing air flow somehow. Perhaps moisture isn’t leaking out as it ought to, or the fans’ whir is somehow clogged. Our trained and experienced professionals at R & R are dedicated to providing quick and thorough help to damaged or broken air conditioners. This season is not the time for you to have to wait or fiddle with contraptions that we can easily tend to.

Why R & R?

R & R is a family owned business; it’s important to us to provide services in our community from a family mindset. Our connections with one another help us further connect to other families from a community, rather than corporate, perspective. Call us for assistance any time your airflow and temperature is less than comfortable and we’ll be happy to take a look.

We also offer maintenance inspections throughout the year to make sure that by the time summer arrives, your living space can be cooled comfortably without difficulties. So, if you’d prefer not to wait until something might go wrong, call us before summer blossoms completely, leaving you out in the heat. At R & R, we uphold a different kind of tradition by fine tuning the instrument that keeps air cool enough so you can also function optimally.