Ice on AC – How to Keep Your AC from Freezing Up

When you endure day after day of 105° temperatures, the word “frozen” may sound very appealing. But when your air conditioning is the one freezing, you have a problem. Even in sunny warm Arizona, you can get ice on AC units and this can shut down your system when you need it most. If you ignore HVAC maintenance, Phoenix weather will give you a (sweaty) wake-up call!

Why Do AC Units Freeze Up – and How Can You Prevent It?

AC units can freeze for a few different reasons, including:

  • Insufficient air flow. If air flow is restricted, condensation can build up on the coil and freeze. To prevent poor air flow, and freezing, replace AC filters regularly. Also, schedule a tune-up before cooling season begins.
  • Refrigerant leak. Coolant leaks occur over time as components rub against each other or vibrate, or when fittings are loose. This can lead to freezing. An HVAC technician can diagnose leaks and offer solutions before they lead to trouble.
  • External temperature. Many people think that running their AC on cooler days means it doesn’t have to work as hard. Not so much. In fact, running it when the temperatures dip below, say 60° or 70°, can lead to freeze-ups. If the mercury drops, turn your AC off and enjoy nature’s AC.

The worst time to think about your AC is when it quits on you during a heat wave. When you get ice on AC & your system freezes, it can leave you steaming as you wait for a pro to come and fix it. The best way to prevent your AC from freezing is to schedule regular maintenance. A certified HVAC technician such as R&R Refrigeration can ensure your system is operating optimally and mitigate the risk of freezing, breakages, and other failures.

Maintenance will help you stay cool – without freezing.