Important Home Insulation Information

The climate in Phoenix is unlike anywhere else and we wouldn’t have it any other way! There are some challenges for AC repair in Surprise but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Insulation is important here but not for the same reasons as the rest of the country.

Important Home Insulation Information

In many parts of the US, insulation gets a workout in the coldest months. Its main job is to keep the warm air inside the home and keep the cold outdoor air out. Here in Arizona, our insulation works overtime all summer keeping the hot air out and preserving our precious air conditioned comfort.

Keeping that comfort means making sure your attic in well insulated. The sun bears down on your roof all summer and your attic can reach crazy temperatures if you don’t take measures to block the heat. Insulation is the protective layer between you and the summer sun.

Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat this summer. Get ahead of the hot weather and improve your insulation before your attic gets too hot to handle.

  • Don’t make assumptions. Just because your home is new, don’t assume the insulation is sufficient. You may need to add more.
  • Get your R values up to speed. In a hot climate like ours, an R-30 value is recommended by the EPA. That’s a minimum or average recommendation. It’s OK to go above and beyond!
  • Use the right kind of insulation. Bat is the right product for filling in between the joists and loose fill can go over top of that to improve your R values. Spray foam give the tightest seal but it’s a professionals-only product, not a DIY.
  • Spray foam in a can is only for plugging small leaks and filling in small areas.
  • Take out the damaged stuff. Wet, worn or compressed insulation is no good to you. Pull it out and replace it.

You need to keep your air conditioning installation working at peak efficiency. Check out its partner – your insulation – if it doesn’t seem to be functioning at its best. Visit our website for more information.