Maximizing Your Central AC’s Efficiency

With summer already upon us in Phoenix, it’s time to crank up the air conditioning to stay cool. Of course, feeling cool comes at a price, but you can keep costs down and your unit running smoothly by maximizing your AC’s efficiency. Here’s how:

Seal the windows

Windows that are not properly sealed are a guaranteed way to make your air conditioner work harder than it should. Cracks and openings around windows will allow the hot air outside to come in, forcing your unit to run more than it should to maintain your desired temperature. Fill these cracks with caulk or foam strips to ensure a good seal between the window and frame and to keep warm air outside where it belongs. Add on this even more by investing in heat-blocking window treatments, such as mesh covers or window films that intercept the sun’s rays and keep them from penetrating your windows.

Check the ductwork

Faulty or damaged ductwork is another way that cold air escapes and warm air gets in. In fact, the average home loses about 20 percent of air through damaged or poorly connected ductwork. Check your ductwork thoroughly for cracks, gaps between seams, or holes. Fill and insulate these areas to improve air flow and minimize loss of cool air.

Upgrade to a more energy efficient model

While getting a new air conditioner may seem like an expensive upgrade, you may actually save money in the long run. Older AC models are less efficient, resulting in higher monthly bills and repair costs. Upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient unit can lessen your cooling costs, saving you a significant amount of money over time.

Stay on top of maintenance and repairs
While air conditioning maintenance is something you should be doing regularly, not everyone does. This includes changing dirty filter that hinder air flow, keeping the space around outdoor AC units clear and free of debris, and making sure the condenser has adequate air flow around it. You should also consider calling a Phoenix AC repair technician for an annual check-up to ensure your unit is performing at its best. A certified technician can check all the working parts of the unit to make sure everything is functioning properly and you are achieving maximum efficiency.

Use your thermostat how it’s meant to be used

Many people set their thermostat at a certain temperature and then just walk away, never bothering to adjust it until the season changes. However, they are doing themselves – and their AC unit – a huge injustice! Most modern thermostats can be programmed for temperature adjustments, allowing people to set a certain temperature for when they’re home, at work, or sleeping.   Lowering your thermostat just a couple of degrees while you’re away at work can make a huge impact in your central AC’s efficiency – not to mention your bill.

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