A NEST Thermostat Makes a Great Partner

It seems like all our devices are smarter than us, these days – or, are we smarter than them for mastering their language to be able to use them?  A NEST Thermostat or a SMART Thermostat gives you the ability to control them from anywhere with Wi-Fi technology.

What is a NEST Thermostat?

The third generation NEST Learning Thermostat is sleeker, sharper, and bigger than its predecessors.  A NEST Thermostat programs itself.  It does what?  How is that possible?  It has the ability to learn what YOU like and it adjusts its settings accordingly.  And it saves energy.  What could be more beautiful than that?  Oh, it is also very cost-efficient so it also saves you money. Bing!

NEST Adapts to Your Life

After a few days sharing life with you in your home, your space, the NEST Thermostat educates itself to the temperature settings you and your family prefer in your home environment.  It builds its schedule around your needs and those of your family.  It can also tell when you leave the house and adjust its settings accordingly.  Millions of homes around the world now have NEST Thermostats because they help save energy and save you money.  It has been estimated that your thermostat can control up to 50 percent of the energy costs on your utility bill?  That’s more than appliances and more than electronic device use.

Comfort Night or Day

With a NEST Thermostat, after about a week of you adjusting the temperature controls, this SMART Thermostat will lock in its memory the times of day and night that you have modified it to fit with your comfort levels.  It then remembers your adjustments and will set its schedule around the temperatures, and time of day or night, that make you the most comfortable.

Isn’t it about time for something to adapt to your life, instead of you always having to adapt to something else?  The NEST Thermostat, a SMART Thermostat can do that for you.  Call R&R Refrigeration to learn more today.