NEST Thermostat Vs. Your Current Standard: Which Wins?

You’re connected to the world in a much different way now than you were even just a few years ago. You’ve got apps for everything from keeping track of your schedule to watching TV to navigating through traffic. You can even use an app to turn your phone into a flashlight or lock the front door. It only makes sense to be connected to your home as well.

The NEST Thermostat gives you a way to make than connection to your heating and air conditioning system through technology. This app-enabled “learning” thermostat is the next generation of heating and cooling controls. If you haven’t updated and upgraded your thermostat in a while, here are a few of the major differences between your old version and the Nest.


A traditional thermostat allows you to set the temperature you would like it to maintain. That’s about all it does. You pick the number and it turns the system on until the thermostat’s temperature readings reach the desired point. It turns the system off until the temperature readings necessitate turning it back on.

The NEST thermostat is programmable. It lets you dictate not only the temperature but the time when you want the room to be that temperature. You can pick a cooler temp for sleeping and a more economical one for while you’re at work. You can set a power-saving setting for vacation weeks. This reduces your energy usage and helps you save money.


The NEST goes a step beyond just be programmable. It’s teachable too. This smart device learns your patterns and how to set itself to best meet your needs without you having to reprogram the device. It will learn when you are home and when you are gone.

The NEST can differentiate between your weekday use and the weekends. It can even decipher how long it takes your AC system to respond and reach the target temperature based on the system’s past performance. There’s a motion sensor that will help the Nest determine if you’re at home or away so it can alter its patterns accordingly and make an action plan for your return.


If you have backup heating or AC systems, the Nest is a far better choice that a regular thermostat. It adapts to many more types of system than an old-school thermostat. It will work with 2-stage AC systems and 3-stage heating units. It works with almost all the low-voltage systems now, too. It can even work with your whole-home humidifier.


While the NEST itself may not be portable, the technology is. Remember, this is an app-based tool. You can load the apps that operate the NEST onto your phone or tablet and run it from virtually anywhere. The NEST connects to your home’s wifi signal so you can operate it even if you aren’t at home. All you need is your phone.

It’s pretty clear that the NEST is head and shoulders above the old-school thermostat in terms of efficiency and ease of use. It’s reasonably priced (especially since it will help you save money on your energy bills) and readily available. So why haven’t you updated your thermostat yet?