New 2015 Energy Efficiency Standards And What They Mean For Your Air Conditioner

The New Year means many things to many people, but it doesn’t always mean a new air conditioner. January 2015, though, is a bit different. This year, 13-SEER air conditioners are going to pass into the world of history, and an entirely new crop of products will become the energy efficiency minimum.

Why The Change?

New 2015 Energy Efficiency Standards And What They Mean For Your Air Conditioner

Right now, the HVAC standards are consistent throughout the nation. Whether you live in Minnesota or Phoenix, you adhere to the exact same efficiency benchmarks the rest of the country does when you purchase a new air conditioner. The simple truth, though, is that one national standard doesn’t work for everyone. Those in the Southwest see far different summer temperatures than those in the Northeast do.

Likewise, individuals in the Southeast see something quite different in the summer months than those in the Northwest might, so different energy efficiency standards based on the region in which you live make more sense. While split system air conditioners at a 13-SEER minimum efficiency rating will be find for homeowners in the north in 2015, those in the Southern states will have a higher minimum to hit, 14-SEER.

What Does It Mean For Me?

If you plan to purchase a new split system air conditioner this year, you’re going to see something a bit different than you might have last year. Initially you may see a few models that don’t meet the new standard, though, as there is an 18 month grace period so distributors can clear out their inventory.

Not only will you see new models, though, you’re also going to see reduced power consumption, which may lead to a higher level of energy efficiency on the split system you purchase. You could save hundreds of dollars this year with a new, more efficient system, and the better the system you decide to purchase, the more you’re going to save. Not only will you be able to shop from the new line of SEER 14 rated products, but you could also go up to a unit that has a SEER of 20 or more. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of your unit is somewhat related to the SEER rating, so the more energy efficient you decide to get, the higher your initial overall costs are going to be.

Your Next Step

If you’re thinking of investing in a new split unit system this year, the single best thing you can do is contact a professional air conditioning installation company. They’ll not only have the products you’re considering, but also the knowledge to help steer you toward the right unit for your home, even one that is as energy efficient as possible to help save you some cash in the long haul.