Preventative Care for your AC

A proactive plan is a good plan. Taking care of your HVAC system should be a proactive priority. Breakdowns and system repairs are costly and uncomfortable, causing a loss of productivity in commercial buildings and a gain in bad moods in a home setting. A long, sweltering night or a frozen afternoon is enough to move anyone’s temperament into the red zone. A great deal is riding on a properly functioning heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Creating a proactive maintenance plan means taking care of the little repairs and minor adjustments before they become major breakdowns. Your air conditioning maintenance plan needs professional direction but homeowners have a few tasks to perform as well. Read on to learn how to create a preventative maintenance plan for your HVAC system.

Hire the right company.

You’ll need a qualified pro to help determine a course of action for your HVAC system. Finding a licensed, reputable company is a must. Interview more than one company and be sure to ask around for referrals. Checking with the Better Business Bureau might be a good idea, too.

Plan your Budget

Everything needs to fit into your budget, even the necessary items. You’ll need to find the plan that fits your budget. There are plenty of options to fit your needs and to fit your finances. You’ll need to talk to your installation and maintenance technician about what you can afford and what services should be at the top of your list.

Do a Few Tasks Yourself

As a homeowner, there are a few preventative tasks that you can and should do. Changing the filters is one of them.

  • Replace your filters on a regular schedule (every 90 days) and switch to a high efficiency, pleated filter. This will keep dust and allergens out of your system and your home.
  • Trim foundation plants and shrubs back at least 2 feet away from AC and heating units. Close quarters will prevent sufficient air inflow in your system.
  • Keep your units free of pollen, dust, leaves and other debris.
  • Try to keep your thermostat at a constant temperature so your system isn’t constantly changing back and forth.
  • If power to the AC system was turned off for winter, turn it on and wait 24 hours before you run it. This will give the compressor time to warm up before it operates.

Taking care of small fixes will prevent major problems. Start making you plan now. Contact R&R Refrigeration at 480-900-2178 if you are in need of expert assistance.