Air Handler Repair

Your air handler is the unsung hero of your heating and cooling system.

Is your air conditioning running, but nothing is coming out of your vents? The trouble could be in a vital part of your heating or cooling system which you might not even know about – your air handler.

R&R Refrigeration will be happy to send out an expert heating and air conditioning repairman to examine and diagnose your trouble. Whether the problem is in your air handler or anywhere else, we’ll get to the bottom of it right away!

What is an air handler anyway?

Just about every modern heating or cooling system incorporates an air handling device. It is the ‘fan’ at the core of the air conditioning unit or furnace that forces the cold (or hot) air through your ducts and into your home.

Your air handler is a vital component of your HVAC system. The air handler houses the fan and is responsible for distributing the conditioned air throughout your home or property.

There are three main types of air handling systems, each associated with a particular type of air conditioning or heating system:

  • Air Handlers in split air conditioning or heating systems

In systems like this, you have an air conditioning unit outside the home, and a separate furnace inside. The air handler is usually part of the furnace, and it moves all the air for both systems.

  • Air Handlers for split heat pump based systems

There is no furnace in a system of this kind, so a separate air handler unit is typically installed in a closet, in your attic, or somewhere else ‘out of the way’. It connects to your ducts and moves the air around your home like any other air handler, after it is heated or cooled by the heat pump.

  • Rooftop HVAC units (packaged heating and air conditioning systems)

In this kind of system your furnace, air conditioner and air handler are built into a single unit which is typically mounted on your roof, and connected to your vents and ducts from there.

How do air handlers work?

On a technical level, air handlers are very simple – they are large fans which can move a lot of air through your ducts. However, even a simple system can break down over the years, and your air conditioning won’t do you any good at all without a working air handler.

Like a fan, some air handlers have variable speed settings. These tend to be more efficient, quieter, and generally offer better performance all-around.

Could a variable-speed air handler save you money?

Very likely, yes. In the same way that your car is more fuel efficient on the highway than in start-and-stop city driving, your heating and air conditioning units use less power in continual, low level operation.

A variable-speed air handler, therefore, makes your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently, improving its performance and lowering your energy bills.

Do you need to repair, maintain or upgrade your air handler? R and R Refrigeration would love to hear from you.