R & R is Your Sun City HVAC Company – Learn Why Now!

Our family-owned business has been in the greater Phoenix area and the Arizona Valley since 1974. Through the generations, our team has worked passionately as its own kind of unit. In the day and age of rapid technology and constant access to information, it can be challenging to feel truly connected to those in actual proximity and to our environments, but that’s not the case with us. As a family-owned business, we come with a family perspective, and working with us means you become part of that family, giving you instant access to help when you need it most.

Individual expertise. In a family, you know which personality holds which strengths and how best to draw those forth. The same is true of our business. Depending on the situation, we send the most qualified individual for the job.

Connection. We love what we do. There are some technicians who possess the knowledge to fix what’s at hand, but part of our connection extends beyond the machine and to you, the customer. You are more than just a monetary exchange. It matters to us to provide heating and cooling systems that enable your comfort because we care about that comfort, and not just the machines or capitalistic enterprise.

Community. In a globalized world, it’s important to know who’s around you and what your place in a community is, whether you define that as immediate family or a whole a neighborhood. At R & R, we feel we’re serving the community in a way that we would want our own family to be treated– with thoughtfulness, knowledge, attention, expertise, and quality. We want our business to contribute to this area in a tangible way.

Flexibility. At R & R, we want to make our products and maintenance services accessible, affordable, and dependable through time. We adapt to the situation at hand to find the best heating, cooling, or ventilation system for your particular home and needs. We respond to any necessary repairs with the same combination of expertise and adaptation to circumstance.

If you’re looking for the perfect company to meet your HVAC needs, take the time to contact us today.