R&R Refrigeration: Rental Property Customer Spotlight

Doris Robinson and her partner Bob own various rental properties throughout the Phoenix Valley. Their business requires them to provide a safe, comfortable home for their tenants. In order to be successful, Doris and Bob rely on dependable businesses to help with routine upkeep of their properties. With the squelching summer heat of the valley, a defunct air conditioning system can quickly escalate into miserable tenants. That’s why they rely on R&R Refrigeration for HVAC systems and service. Doris explains:

“I have been with R&R for probably 15 years and they’ve always provided great service.”

Anyone who has experienced the blazing summer temperatures of Arizona understands the importance of having a reliable air conditioning unit just to get through the day. When problems do arise, it’s absolutely essential to have a business resolve them as quickly as possible. When asked about R&R’s response time for service calls, here’s what Doris had to say:

“They’re (R&R) completely top notch. They instill confidence. I don’t have to do anything except place a call. Jerry (owner) will even do our units if it’s on an off day and he doesn’t have people available.”

In addition to dependable products, service and response times, Doris also likes knowing that she’s supporting good people, a family business:

“Mindy (owner) has to be one of the best customer service people I have ever run into in my entire life. I really cannot say enough about R&R. I am just, I am so proud of those two kids (Jerry & Mindy). Actually, they’re not kids anymore, but so proud that they have built that, it’s just pretty amazing. It’s a great story.”

R&R Refrigeration prides itself on its quality products and service and have built a reputation of reliability among property owners utilizing their services throughout the Phoenix valley. Click here to learn more about this family business: