R&R Refrigeration’s Spring Tune up Special

R&R Refrigeration is kicking of spring with their spring tune-up special. It’s a 35-point preventive maintenance tune‑up inspection for your AC unit.   Being part of the R&R preventive maintenance play means taking care of the little repairs and minor adjustments before they become major breakdowns.  For just $59.95, they will get you ready for the summer. Plus, if you need a service call between spring and fall, the service is on R&R.  Call us today to schedule your spring tune now at 480-900-2178


Mindy Rodriguez:  R&R Refrigeration wants to thank you for being such a great, loyal customer.

Jerry Rodriguez:  We have a gift that will save you money now, and may save you money later.

Mindy:  It’s our spring tune‑up special.

Jerry:  Simply give us a call, and we’ll come out and perform our 35‑point preventive maintenance tune‑up inspection.

Child 1:  We’ll make sure that you’re ready for the hot summer.

Jerry:  The cost is just $59.95.

Child 1:  Here’s the bonus.

Child 2:  If you need a service call between spring and fall…

Mindy:  The service call is on us.

Jerry:  That’s a $75 savings for you.

Mindy:  If you do need any additional parts or services, you can always count on us to provide you with the most affordable, and professional, services, in the timeliest fashion.

Jerry:  That’s R&R’s promise to you.

Child 1:  Please call us today…

Child 3:  Please take advantage of our spring tune‑up special.

Mindy:  Our number is…

Child 2: 480-900-2178.

Jerry:  480-900-2178.

Mindy:  Thank you, once again, for being a great, loyal R&R customer.

All:  Have a safe summer. Thank you!

Child 1:  Thank you!