Steps in an HVAC Maintenance Checkup

Maintenance is all about routine. If you can get into a rhythm with checking up on your HVAC system, you can fix minor issues that would otherwise become big problems. Think of it as preventative health for your HVAC system, ensuring problems are far less costly and inconvenient for you down the road.

At R & R, we are happy to perform maintenance checkups to make sure all is running smoothly. There are also a few things you can tend to in the time between checkups to ensure things keep working well over time.

  • Change the filters. During the time you’re using your AC most often, it’s best to replace the filter every month or two. If a filter becomes dirty or clogged, the efficiency of the AC will noticeably decrease.
  • Clean the AC’s coils. Changing the filter will help the coils not develop dirt and residue, but it’s still helpful to clean them at least once a year. Be mindful of the environment your AC is located in; try to keep dried leaves and other debris materials away from it so they do not accumulate dust and dirt on the coils.
  • Clean drains with a wire, which can help reduce humidity as well as keep away unwanted stains.
  • Make sure your home is well sealed. If it’s not, you’re going to find all of that cool air you’re pumping in going right out the window in a hurry.

Our maintenance checks will complement your own upkeep by checking for any leaks, measuring airflow, inspect the electricity, and other attention-to-detailed parts of your HVAC. The combination of your routine inspections and cleaning and our checking all the diagnostics will ensure that all the nuances of your system functions as optimally as possible throughout the year.