The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

We’ve got smart phones, smart TVs and now smart thermostats too. Programmable thermostats are able to do so much now to save you money and keep your home comfortable, not to mention reduce your environmental impact. So why don’t you have one yet?

Many homeowners don’t think much further than the air conditioner installation process. They do the homework, research the different brands and pick a great AC or HVAC unit and that’s where it ends for them. They may not even realize that there are options for the thermostat! This could be a costly oversight since a good smart thermostat (like the Nest) can save you an average of 10-12% on your heating costs and 15% on cooling but possibly up to a full 20% of your costs annually. That’s an awful lot of money that could – and should — be back in your pocket!

What does a smart thermostat do that mine doesn’t?

A typical “old school” thermostat lets you set the temperature you want for your home. You get one choice. You put it at 68 degrees and it will work to maintain a 68-degree environment. It maintains this temperature whether you are home, work or on vacation.

A smart thermostat lets you choose variable temperatures. You can wake up to a toasty 70 degrees and go to sleep at a cooler 68. Going out of town? You can set a smart thermostat to use the least amount of energy necessary while you are gone but back to your favored temp just before you arrive home.

The newest models like the Nest thermostat go beyond variable temperatures and actually learn what you like and adjust themselves. Some models will sense when the air has become humid or the oven is on and make the necessary adjustments to maintain your perfect temperature. They have mobile apps for controlling your AC system even if you are away from home and connect to the internet through your home wi-fi so they are constantly accessible. Coming home early from a business trip? Use your smart phone to warm up or cool down the house while you’re still at the airport!

Isn’t all that fancy tech really expensive?

A good smart thermostat will cost more than that an old-fashioned one does. However, this is one of those “you get what your pay for” situations. The old-fashioned one is cheap up front but will cost you later. The smart thermostat will cost a little more now but the savings will make up the difference in price in 2 years or less and keep saving you money for many years more.

Will I be able to operate such a complicated device?

Most smart thermostats are pretty easy to run. They have nice, bright, readable lighted displays with simple commands. The mobile apps aren’t any harder to operate than any of you other apps. Your technician can give you a thorough walk-though on the unit you purchase and help give you the information and confidence you need to use it wisely.

A smart thermostat is a smart decision! Talk to your NEST air conditioning installation professionals about getting one for your home.