Why R&R Is the Name to Know in Commercial HVAC Repairs

It’s essential that your HVAC system function properly within your business. You want to keep your customers and clients nice and cool, and you want to be sure that your employees are comfortable as well. Choosing the right contractor to meet your needs, then, is nothing short of essential whether you need to have a new system installed or you’re simply looking for someone to maintain your current system. These tips can help you find the right contractor for the job.

Look for Experience

Handling a commercial HVAC system isn’t exactly like handling a residential system, and if the contractor you choose doesn’t have real experience with commercial accounts like yours, you’re likely to run into problems down the road. Because commercial HVAC units work so differently from residential units and almost everything is a switch, right down to the duct work, you want to make sure the company you choose has technicians that can locate the components quickly and make the needed repairs. You must make certain the contractor you select really has experience with commercial HVAC systems. The best choices in the business won’t hesitate to offer you testimonials from other business clients.

Look for Emergency Services

Good contractors offer after-hours services for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays so you can have repairs made to your system when you need them the most. After all, the last thing you want is your HVAC system going out right before your big Labor Day sale, but if it does, you want to be certain you can call someone to have it repaired immediately and make sure both your employees and your customers stay as comfortable as possible.

Choose a Contractor That Represents the Best Brands

Most HVAC companies work with a few different brands when it comes to new installations. Ask about those brands before you choose a new contractor. You want to work with a team that only represents the best in the industry, not just the cheapest. You want a contractor that actually understands what a unit is going to cost over time and how to select quality equipment to best meet the needs of your facility.

Not all HVAC contractors are created equally. While some can handle basic HVAC repairs, it takes true professionals to handle the needs of companies like yours. R&R Refrigeration is your commercial Phoenix Heat and A/C repair company. We understand that different industrial processes create different challenges for your company, so if you’re looking for the right company to trust for all of your HVAC needs, look no further than R&R. We’re here to help you maintain your facility throughout the year.