Understanding the A/C Tune-up

Keeping up with the maintenance tasks involved in your home can be nothing short of frustrating at times. After all, there’s so much to do. One often overlooked task? Maintaining your home’s air conditioner. Nowhere is this more important than in a place like Arizona, and learning why will have you scheduling yours well in advance.

The Process

Air conditioner tune ups are fairly easy to understand. The goal here is for your HVAC technician to spot any potential problems before they cause real issues. After all, your air conditioner has lots of potential problems waiting to happen, and a solid yearly tune up can help take care of many of those. In most cases, your tune up will including some standard cleaning tasks, including cleaning or replacing your filter and cleaning the condenser coil. It also often includes some added coolant, as well as flushing the drain line to ensure no buildup has occurred. Finally, it usually involves replacing any faulty parts that may be waiting to cause you bigger problems.

The Advantages

The advantages of a tune-up like this are pretty clear. Naturally the biggest advantage is that it prevents your air conditioner from breaking down on you when the heat really cranks up. Instead of worrying about it, it will be working better than you’d ever imagined. The other real benefit is that you’ll get some energy savings. Over time, your air conditioner might have to work harder and harder to keep you cool. That means a much higher energy bill and a shorter life span for the machine itself. A quick tune up can save you the high energy bills as well as the costly air conditioner replacement.

If you’re ready to schedule a tune up, give us a call today. It’s easily the best thing you could do for your air conditioner.