Vacation time! Adjust your Thermostat!

It’s summer and that means vacation time for many people, especially those with children who are enjoying a break from school.  It may not be the first thing on your checklist before heading off for summer fun, but it is an important item that should have your attention before leaving your home for a week or two.  What is the vacation thermostat setting that your AC should be reading when you lock up your home and head for summer fun elsewhere?

What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat at While on Vacation?

Some people seem to think you can just turn off your AC while you’re away, and then expect it to kick back in full gear upon your arrival home.  That however, is not the best idea, especially in Surprise, AZ.  Many recommendations say that between 80 and 85 degrees is a reasonable number, although many others opt for a slightly lower number, such as 78.  What are the reasons for adjusting your thermostat settings for summer vacation instead of turning it off?

  • It’s more energy-efficient.
  • It is better for your home’s environment overall.
  • When using a programmable thermostat, it is also very convenient.

If you turn your AC off while you are away on vacation, especially in the hot and desert conditions in Surprise and Phoenix, you probably aren’t going to want to come back after your vacation – because it would be like walking into an oven.  That type of heat left uncontrolled can also damage your floors and furniture, potentially causing cracking and buckling.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat has really nice benefits because it allows you to raise the temperature to whatever you desire while you are away, but then schedule the temperature to go back down to what you would normally have it set at the day before you return home.  This ensures cost savings while you are out of your home, while still maintaining a reasonable temperature, but then allowing you to prepare your home for a comfortable return.

Utilizing a vacation thermostat setting AND a programmable thermostat lets you have the best of both worlds, while you are off enjoying your vacation.