We Offer Same Day AC repair!

Amongst other qualities, our customer testimonials express their delighted surprise at our prompt service. In an Arizona summer, there’s no time to wait around for someone to saunter through and repair your AC in a leisurely fashion. At R & R, part of our attentiveness toward our work comes in the form of caring about timing. For this reason, we don’t want to keep you waiting in the heat and we can fix the AC for you the day it exhibits problems.

What you will see from us is not only someone who can look at the modern day cooling machine and know both how to diagnose the problem and how to use the right tools to readjust for a solution, but also a team that is attentive to the process the entire way through.

In a world of increasing speed and technology that allows for things like air conditioners and those trained in the nuanced specialty to make them run, one thing that can get lost is thorough attention to the task at hand. We believe that whether you’re pouring juice at a lemonade stand, practicing law, driving a bus, or tending to an air conditioner, the most important thing is to do it with full and thorough attention from start to finish. We apply that principle to every call we make, remaining ever aware that our customers need quick, reliable service they can count on again and again.

From great same-day repair services to advice on how to keep your entire HVAC system in check, we’ve built an entire business around your needs. All businesses have “customer first” as their motto, but our family owned perspective makes it truer than most. We’re interested in the mechanical aspect, but we’re more interested in the comfort it enables for you.