What did you Say?

Do you find yourself turning up the TV when the air conditioning is running? Do you have to ask your friends and family to speak up when they call? If you can’t hear what’s going on around you, it might not be your hearing. It might be your system needs air conditioning maintenance.

What did you Say?

Why is the HVAC system so loud? There are many reasons that a system is running at a higher volume than you might like. It could be something as simple as a loose vent or dirty blades. Or it could be the beginning of the end for your HVAC system.

Loud systems often need professional attention. Don’t hesitate to call your local air conditioning installation experts if you system is running loudly. Until you can get a pro’s opinion try some of these ideas and solutions and see if you can bring a little of the peace and quiet back to your home.

Check the supply vents.

Your system is designed to pull a certain amount of air into itself and push a certain amount back out into your home. If something is blocking that flow, it can cause noise. Usually it’s a high-pitched sound. This can indicate that a supply vent is closed or blocked.

Open up the vents if you’ve closed them for the winter. Adjust your furniture if you have something in the way of the vents or air returns. Replace your filters to increase the airflow.

Check the ducts.

You’d be surprised at what air conditioning maintenance folks find in the ducts when we clean them! Toys, jewelry, papers, bottle caps, barrettes and screws plus the usual amount of dirt and dust will often collect in the ductwork. Lift the vent cover and take a peek inside with a flashlight if you hear racket coming from a vent.

Be careful and don’t stick your arm where you can’t see. There’s always a possibility of a critter having made its way into a duct by accident!

If your system in noticeably loud, there might be bigger problems than a blocked air return or green army man stuck in a duct. A pro can help you figure out the problem and find a fix. Learn more about the right HVAC professional for you by visiting our website today.