Why Go With an A/C Service Agreement?

Many companies offer a service agreement for their air conditioning units, and we do too. We think it’s a great way to protect your investment. Think of it like working with your car’s mechanic. A bit of money now for routine service can mean quite a bit of savings later to help prevent the need for major repairs. The very same idea holds true for your air conditioner, especially when you’re talking about the heat of a Phoenix summer. Why should you consider an A/C service agreement with us? Take a look at the advantages now.

  1. Without routine maintenance, your air conditioner loses about 5% of its initial efficiency every single year. That high efficiency unit you bought just a few years ago could already be functioning below the performance you expect. With an A/C service agreement, though, you’re going to get regular maintenance that will help your unit maintain those initial efficiency ratings and that’s a level of cost savings and energy efficiency you simply can’t afford to ignore.
  2. Repair services can get expensive. Our A/C service agreement offers you a great deal on parts and service if we find any serious problems during our routine checkups. You can even get a good deal on emergency service if you have a problem. What’s more, though, is that all of our service agreement holders get priority treatment, and that can save you time and money.
  3. Whether the system is new or old, you’re going to save serious money with our agreement. You need the services we offer in this agreement, and if you don’t schedule them regularly, you’re going to end up paying far more than you should down the road. Our HVAC service agreement is budget-friendly and certain to save you money over the life of the contract.

Ready to consider a service agreement with us? Give us a call today at 480-900-2178 to learn more.